'Bigg Boss 13' Update: All the Celebrities Who Refused to Participate in the Show, and Why

Pay attention, rumor mongers! No way! That is, Bigg Boss viewers! We're sure you're eagerly anticipating the premiere of the drama, which will have you riveted to your televisions for three months during primetime. So far, Salman Khan has filmed four promos for the film. His first glance as a station master, as well as a teaser for the super tedha twist, were just released.

We've already told you that the concert will start on September 29th and will take place in a new location. We'll give you all the details on the actors who were approached for this season but declined later this week.

According to insiders, a few celebs declined to participate in the show due to the financial incentives. Chunky Pandey, Rajpal Yadav, Mugdha Godse, Aditya Narayan, Zareen Khan, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and Mahika Sharma were clearly unhappy with their remuneration.

On the other side, Angad Hasija of Bidaai renown offered a different explanation. He didn't think it was a performance he wanted to take part in. “I was offered a spot on Bigg Boss this year, but I declined because I don't think Big Boss is right for me,” he explained. You often have the impression that something isn't quite right. I believe I will not be able to live because of my temperament. They had made me an offer before, but I turned it down since I felt I shouldn't. There has been a lot of speculation about it, and I've even been asked if I'll be on Bigg Boss, but I'd like to clarify that I will not be entering the house.” Read more about Bigg Boss 15 Mx Player.

The agreement was then turned down by Balika Vadhu, a well-known actress. Shashank Vyas

Shashank Vyas of Balika Vadhu, like Angad Hasija, has declined to appear in the upcoming season. When asked about being addressed by Bigg Boss two months earlier, Shashank responded, "The point is, I don't want to play safe." Making money is not something I want to do. If acting had been my primary objective, I would not have chosen it. There are a variety of ways to earn money as well. I have no desire to be a part of Bigg Boss. They had contacted me, but I had never anticipated hopping from one tree to the next, having a vote appeal, or living in a small room for three months as a Bigg Boss contestant. We must be true to our objectives, which will require us to let go of a lot of things.”

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