Why is the reality show 'Bigg Boss' so popular in India? It's all about the chemistry of the human body

It's that time of year again, when even the most rational people put their logic aside for an hour every day for 100 days in order to watch the latest Bigg Boss episode. I, too, am one of these people. I mocked my friends who were addicted, but one lonely night at home, I watched an episode of season 6, and here I am, six years later, having never missed an episode.

Bigg Boss is an Indian rendition of the international reality television series Big Brother, in which a group of people are locked up in a house for several months with little access to the outside world and cameras documenting their every move 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What happens if there are a lot of people with enormous egos living in the same house? Theatrics. There is a great deal of it. The mix of characters in the home changes each year, but there is a plan to the craziness. Previous seasons have had Pamela Anderson and Jade Goody in the kitchen, actor and model want tobes, a dumb jock, a few catty television actresses, and a political or religious person. Contestants are eliminated and new ones are added to keep things interesting. The more drama contestants conjure up to exploit the crowd's emotions, the more viewers are likely to tune in. It's like seeing a Bollywood movie happen in real time, complete with love triangles, cliques, major brawls over little concerns, and friends and foes. Yes, it's extravagant, but our films are as well.

Salman Khan is unquestionably one of the show's highlights. Despite his poor acting ability and multiple court appearances, Khan has a large fan base, with many of them turning in on weekends to watch Khan administer justice to candidates who haven't performed all week. And the celebrity doesn't fly alone; he occasionally enlists the help of his Bollywood pals to spice things up.

On weekends, people tune in to see Khan and his celebrity buddies (including Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and others) promote their upcoming projects on the show. They sing, dance, tell jokes, perform sports, and even come to the participants' residence to interact with them.

But it's the proper mix of characters that makes a season truly great, and the show's final two episodes, which were among its most impactful, seemed to have nailed it. New themes are added every year to keep things fresh, and this year is no exception. For starters, the location has shifted from Lonavla to tropical Goa, and guests will arrive in couples rather than singly this season. You appear to be in for double the problems. Find more info about Bigg Boss 15.

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